CO alarm

Testing your smoke alarm or CO alarm is one of those things you know you should do regularly, yet it is easy for it to slip your mind. South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue have come up with a great way to help people keep their smoke alarms in working order.

South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue have launched a new reminder service called Press The Button. All you need to do is visit the Press The Button website and sign up for their reminder service. You can opt to receive messages weekly or monthly either by email or Twitter.

While the focus of this campaign is on smoke alarms, this is a great chance for anyone with a carbon monoxide alarm to get a reminder to test both at the same time. CO alarms are required with all new installations of woodburning & multifuel stoves, and are a great idea for anyone with gas, oil or solid fuel appliances in their home. To find out more read our post on CO safety for woodburners.

CO and smoke alarms can only save lives when they are in working order. Ideally they should be tested every week. The reminder service is completely free, so why not sign up today and make life just a little bit easier for yourself? You can also follow South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue on Twitter at @SYFR.