Firefox 8 Classic Cleanburn Multifuel / Woodburning Stove

Today one of the leading UK's leading financial websites recommended wood burning stoves as a way of saving money on energy costs. The article appears on and suggests a range of simple tips for saving energy, and therefore money. These include switching energy suppliers, improving home insulation, using a water conditioner to remove limescale, using rugs on wooden floors during winter, turning down the heating thermostat by one degree, and using a wood burning stove.

The article rightly points out that wood burning stoves are far more efficient than open fireplaces, comparing estimated efficiency of 15-20% for open fires to 70% for wood burning stoves. Woodburners vary in efficiency, with those incorporating clean-burn technologies such as secondary and tertiary burn being ahead of the field. Many log burning stoves now burn so cleanly they are DEFRA approved for use in smokeless zones.

The ultimate in fuel-efficient domestic woodburners are pellet stoves such as the Aga Fusion pellet stove, which can achieve 90% efficiency. The Aga Fusion burns pellets of compressed wood waste, which are exceptionally dense and dry for wood fuel, and is programmable with an automatic start-up cycle. This level of automation comes at a price however, inasmuch as the initial purchase cost is higher than for a log burning stove.