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United Nations Says Clean Burning Stoves Help Fight Global Warming

Friday, 24 June 2011 14:52:08 Europe/London

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A recently released U.N. report outlines a range of 16 measures, including use of cleaner burning wood stoves, which can limit release of greenhouse gases such as "black carbon" into the atmosphere. This would help the world achieve the goal of limiting global warming to less than 2°C above pre-industrial times which was agreed last year in Mexico by over 200 countries.

Black carbon is a greenhouse gas which contains soot, and it is associated with smog. One of the measures proposed by the U.N. is the improvement of wood burning stoves to reduce soot emissions from them. Soot is produced when carbon-based fuels such as wood and coal are burned incompletely..

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NEW - Aarrow Stratford Eco Boiler HE Wood Burning Stoves

Monday, 20 June 2011 14:12:11 Europe/London

Aarrow Stratford Eco Boiler 12HE multi fuel stove

Stores Direct are proud to introduce the new range of Stratford Eco Boiler stoves, which have been introduced to supersede the discontinued TF and SEB20 boiler stoves. The Stratford Ecoboiler HE stove range includes five freestanding models as well as two inset stoves. The freestanding models range from 7kW to 18kW output to water, and the inset models have outputs to water of 9kW and 12kW.

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Carbon Neutral Heating From Wood Burning Stoves

Thursday, 16 June 2011 14:29:06 Europe/London

Broseley Serrano 5 wood burning stove

Shopping for a wood burning stove can be hard work. As well as practical, financial and aesthetic considerations, many people wonder about the impact of their choice of heating appliance on the environment. This post explains what a carbon footprint is, and how it can be reduced by using a wood burning stove for all or part of your home heating.

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Buying Logs for Wood Stoves – How to Make the Right Choice

Friday, 8 April 2011 13:02:38 Europe/London

Garden Trading Log Store

Logs are the most commonly used form of wood fuel in the UK, used for both open fires and wood burning stoves. Most people source logs locally, for example through tree surgeons, farmers or coal merchants. However some fuel suppliers offer nationwide delivery of logs either by the pallet or in large bags.

It can be difficult to work out whether you are getting a good deal when buying firewood. Unlike coal and smokeless fuel, which must be sold in defined weights under the Weights and Measures Act, wood is usually sold by the bag or by lorryload. This makes it difficult to compare prices between suppliers. In addition, the performance of logs as a fuel varies a lot depending on moisture content and the type of wood.

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