Gas Safety Week runs from 10-16 September, with the gas industry joining forces with consumer organisations to increase gas safety awareness among the general public and encourage people to take good care of their gas appliances. This post looks at the main safety issues addressed by the campaign and gives information about locations of Gas Safety Week events.

Gas Safety Checks & Servicing Gas Appliances

Get a gas safety check every 12 months and have gas appliances serviced regularly. If you live in rented accommodation your landlord is legally obliged to provide annual gas safety checks. Energy providers sometimes offer free safety checks to vulnerable people - check the back of your gas bill for contact information to see if they can help you.

Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Exposure to low levels of carbon monoxide gas will make you feel ill, but exposure to high levels can quickly cause death. Install a carbon monoxide alarm which gives an audible warning, and test it regularly (check out this post for details of a free alarm test reminder service offered by South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue).

Be Alert

Be alert for signs that your gas stove, gas fire, boiler or cooker may not be working properly. Warning signs include excessive condensation in the room, black marks appearing on or around the appliance, and burning with yellow or orange flames instead of crisp blue ones.

Use Gas Safe Registered Engineers

Unsafe gas work can have devastating results including fires, explosions, gas leaks and CO poisoning. Only allow Gas Safe registered engineers to work on your gas appliances. Always ask to see their official Gas Safe Register ID card - the video above shows how to check the card.

Gas Safety Week Events

Gas Safety Week events are taking place throughout the UK at locations including Aberdeen, Aintree, Basingstoke, Bath, Belfast, Blackburn, Blackpool, Bradford, Cambridge, Canterbury, Cardiff, Catford, Falkirk, Gloucester, Holywood, Leicester, Londonderry, Luton, Manchester, Nottingham, Oldham, Peterborough, Preston, Solihull and Stoke - click here for details.