Made On Earth Strata 2 Seater Bench

Teak is the traditional material of choice for garden benches. The high oil content of this tropical hardwood reduces its vulnerability to pests such as termites as well as making it exceptionally weather resistant - teak benches have been known to survive in British gardens for 70 years or more! Wooden outdoor furniture stays at a comfortable temperature to sit on even when sited in the sunniest spot in your garden. As well as its durability and comfort, teak is a beautiful material whether you seal it to retain its natural honey colour or allow it to weather naturally to a silvery finish.

FSC Approval

Use of tropical hardwoods such as teak for garden furniture is controversial these days, having been linked to problems such as deforestation of virgin rainforests. For this reason the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) has established criteria for responsible sourcing of wood. In most cases the wood used in FSC Approved outdoor furniture has come from plantations and managed forests, with care taken to ensure the rights of indigenous people are respected. There is very little teak available which conforms to FSC Approval criteria.

Made On Earth Teak Garden Benches

Made On Earth have come up with an ingenious solution to the problem of sourcing FSC Approved teak for their range of garden furniture. They recycle teak which has previously been used in boats and buildings, all of which has been independently inspected to ensure it meets FSC guidelines. Made On Earth teak garden benches are designed with a contemporary twist and always have comfort in mind. As well as garden benches, Made On Earth also make outdoor tables and chairs and accessories such as parasol bases.

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