Forest Garden log store

At this time of year chatter among seasoned wood burning stove and fireplace users turns to firewood, with everybody talking about whether they have enough stockpiled for the winter. If you're new to wood fired heating or planning to get your first woodburner or open fire this year you may not be thinking about your fuel supply yet, but we recommend you start thinking about firewood well before you need it.

Planning Ahead Pays

Living with gas or electric heating gets people accustomed to heat on demand at the flick of a switch. You don't have to think or plan; just react to the cold weather when it comes. But solid fuel heating is a bit more demanding, for all the money it saves many householders. The ideal for a woodburner owner is to start the burning season with enough fuel to last the winter, secure in the knowledge that the house will be warm no matter what the winter throws at them. Acquiring freshly felled timber cheaply or free of charge and storing it for 1-2 years until it is fully seasoned is the most economical way to do this. However this requires a large enough garden to house a substantial wood store, a luxury not available to everyone.

Balancing Economy and Convenience

For those with less storage space seasoned firewood, kiln-dried firewood and a wide range of coal and solid fuel can be bought by the pallet - this is a good way of balancing limited storage space against the financial savings of buying in bulk. It also cuts out the physical labour of chopping logs down to a useable size. Although firewood or coal can be bought by the bag, for example from garages or garden centres, this works out very expensive for anyone who uses their wood burning stove or fireplace regularly.

There are plenty of fuel suppliers throughout the UK who can deliver good quality firewood or solid fuel to your door. Beware though, when the weather turns cold they will be snowed under with orders from people who haven't planned ahead, with a resulting increase in delivery times. If you're going to buy in fuel for your woodburning fire try to place your order sooner rather than later. Check out our old post on how to choose firewood if you need some help.