Hairy Desperados Movember

Well, we're in the final week of Movember. While the Hairy Desperados have managed to grow some quite magnificent moustaches, they seem strangely excited about shaving them off again. Maybe they don't like being pointed at in the street or maybe they just want to be able to kiss their wives and girlfriends again without them complaining of stubble rash. Whatever the reason, they've all been great sports

David Duffy Movember week 4

Our managing director David Duffy picked the worst (or best) possible time to hit the news for catching a laptop thief from thousands of miles away. When the BBC and the newspapers turned up at the office for details they captured Dave's Movember face in all it's glory, an image now startling innocent internet users across the world. I'm sure his mum was proud once she got over asking what on earth was growing on his face!

So far the men of Britain have raised over £9 million for Movember, second only to Canada, and the worldwide total has reached over £43 million. It's not just about the money though - Movember is also about raising awareness and changing attitudes to men's health issues. Only 26% of men visit their GPs for regular check ups, with the rest missing out on opportunities for early detection and treatment of diseases such as prostate and testicular cancer.