David Duffy - the Melchett of Stores Direct

David Duffy - the Melchett of Stores Direct


Movember has begun, and men all over the world are putting their facial follicles into service growing beards and moustaches to raise money for prostate and testicular cancer initiatives. I'm pleased to say most of the Stores Direct men have joined up under the Hairy Desperados team banner and sworn off shaving until the end of November. They have bravely chosen to face and overcome difficulties such as itching faces, repelling women at nightclubs, making their teenage children (more than usually) embarrassed to be seen with them and generally looking a bit of a plonker.

Let's Hear it for the Boys!

Boys will be boys, and Movember has a competitive edge to it. While the most important thing is for the team to raise as much money as possible, the fight is on to get bragging rights for growing the best mo and raising the most money. The magic of the internet gives us spectators a ringside seat to cheer on our favourites and support individual or team efforts with donations. As unofficial cheerleader

Movember Needs You!

You can see our full gallery of Movember mugshots on the official Movember website. Today's pictures are all clean shaven, but as the month marches on you will be able to see the beardy glory develop. You can rate our boys individually, support the Hairy Desperados team with a donation and share any especially impressive (or funny) profiles on Twitter or Facebook.