David Duffy - Movember day 15

We've now reached the halfway point in the Movember facial hair fest, and our Hairy Desperados have already raised over £700 for testicular and prostate cancer initiatives. It has now become a matter of pride to be pointed at in the street for sporting a bizarre beard. Those whose beard growth is visible have updated their Movember galleries so you can see the glorious progression from normality to downright weirdness.

Please Sir, Can I Have Some Mo?

A distinct pattern has emerged in the donations to our team, with more money going to the hairiest (or ginger) men. While I wouldn't wish to take away from the glory of the guys leading the field, let's remember that all our face donors are doing their best to help the Movember cause (even if their hair follicles don't seem to be trying). Please give generously to Movember even if you have to strain your eyes to see a participant's moustache!