Gardeco medium garden incinerator

We've just added some new Gardeco garden incinerators and braziers to our website. Whether you need to efficiently burn garden rubbish or want an attractive patio fire with a barbecue grill, the Gardeco range of tough steel garden braziers and incinerators is sure to offer something suitable. Prices start from £39 including VAT and delivery.

What Can I Burn in a Gardeco Brazier or Incinerator?

Gardeco garden incinerators have sturdy steel frames and mesh sides, so will happily burn garden waste such as leaves and twigs as well as larger logs. Gardeco garden braziers are ideal for burning wood and logs, but as they don't have mesh sides they are not so good for burning smaller items such as leaves. Many people also use their braziers and incinerators to burn personal documents.

What's the Difference Between Gardeco Incinerators and Braziers?

Gardeco Vulcan brazier with ash tray and grill

At first glance Gardeco braziers and incinerators look quite similar, and both work in the same way by drawing in air through the sides to ensure a rapid and efficient burn. However, the mesh sides of Gardeco incinerators allow them to safely burn much smaller items. Gardeco garden incinerators are basic and functional, while Gardeco garden braziers have more aesthetic appeal as well as offering additional features such as ash collection trays and barbecue grills.

Assembly and Care of Gardeco Garden Braziers and Incinerators

Where assembly is necessary, Gardeco incinerators and braziers  come with a set of clear diagrams and step-by-step instructions. While they come finished in black, Gardeco braziers and incinerators are made of steel, so they will rust if left out in wet weather. You can easily renew the original black finish using heat resistant stove paint. Stores Direct are a leading UK supplier of outdoor heating products including braziers, incinerators, chimeneas and firepits. We deliver throughout the UK, and if you need help or advice you are welcome to call us on 01484 434320.

Products shown:

Gardeco medium garden incinerator

Gardeco Vulcan brazier with ash collection tray and barbecue grill